wagon lighting 95 mm

wagon lighting 95 mm

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LED lighting wagon loaded with bright SMD LEDs. Available in white, warmwhite, goldenwhite.
Ideal for short or long light vehicles, small and medium-sized passenger car or wagontrains.
These bars can almost always find a place in the roof.
The special SMD LEDs with large viewing angle very pleasant, even warm white light.
It is connected to a maximum of 24 volt power digital and analog power supply (pulsehard on switching, such as AC lines)
A capacitor for anti-glimmer effect can be easily connected to the existing solder pads of the PCB.

The variable brightness control is effected through a regulator on the board.
The power consumption depends on the set brightness.

The board is supplied ready for connection and is already equipped with connectioncables.
The light bar can be extended without problems or shortening if necessary.

Technical data:

- Dimensions: 95 x 5 mm
- Supply voltage: 10-24 volts DC or AC voltage
- Power consumption: 7.5 mA (min.) - 45mA (ma


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color white - epoch IV


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4601 4601
You need 2 slider each waggon lighting
8.00 / pack(s) *
1 piece(s) = 0.80 €
anti glimmer capacitor H0 anti glimmer capacitor H0
3.00 / pack(s) *
1 piece(s) = 0.30 €
anti glimmer capacitor - gold cap anti glimmer capacitor - gold cap
1.79 *
universal slider universal slider
6.49 / pack(s) *
1 piece(s) = 0.65 €

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